I help women heal their relationship with food and their bodies


I believe in creating a world in which every woman feels at home in their bodies. I believe in ending the diet fad for once and for all. I believe that everyone deserves to uncover and strip away all the old beliefs, stories, identities, thoughts and patterns that are no longer serving you. I believe that you deserve to end your fight with food, with your body and with yourself for good. 

My Story

Hey there. My name is Brielle and I’m a Food Freedom and Body Image coach. I spent most of my life hating my body and feeling unworthy. I grew up constantly comparing myself to others, watching close loved ones go on every fad diet, comparing their worth to a number on a scale. I remember wanting to lose weight from the age of nine. At fifteen I began to diet after my first boyfriend broke up with me. I thought I wasn’t good enough because I wasn’t skinny enough. What began as a harmless diet ended up in a twelve year battle with bulimia. During those twelve years I also engaged in other disordered eating habits including restricting my intake, over-exercising, abusing laxatives and staying on a consistent binge-purge cycle for over a decade. While I was in the depths of my eating disorder I never realized what it was really about. I just thought I would feel happier if I lost weight and appeared skinnier. I went to a rehab center for eating disorders, worked with three different therapists and tried many other attempts to make other people happy and to get off my back about my disease. But my attempts were always for others.

In 2015 I sought out help for myself for the first time. I had a wake up call. I started to see how my treacherous relationship with myself was affecting everyone around me… but most importantly, me. I spent years with digestive issues, in which no doctor could figure out (news flash… it was actually related to anxiety, my eating disorder and my inability to digest life). I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired. What I didn’t realize was that my struggles with food weren’t about the food. I learned that I had been running from my emotions my entire life. Food was just my drug to numb and not feel. I went through many experiences in my 20s that were downright shameful and I would do anything to not have to feel the pain and the darkness I felt. I realized my disordered eating behaviors had everything to do with my self-worth, which I was greatly lacking. I felt unworthy, shameful, messed up and downright depleted. I went through a transformational year and a half with my therapist uncovering feelings that I had stuffed down and released through purging for decades. Today I have healed past wounds, old limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, constant suffering, old identities and more through much personal growth and development. 

It has always been a dream of mine to help women who have been at war with food and themselves, the same way I was for years. The coaching I provide will help you take an in-depth look at what is really under your food addiction. It’s most certainly not about the food. We will look deeply at your core into where this all started and peel back and release beliefs and identities which are no longer serving you. I understand feeling out of control in your relationship with food and yourself. I am here to guide you into uncovering all that is no longer serving you and help you discover how empowered you can feel at your core!