VIP One-on-One Coaching

The journey of transformation to heal deeply rooted issues with food, your body and yourself takes consistent work digging deep into your emotions, beliefs, stories and worth. 

The Worthiness Warrior Journey

This journey could be for you if… 

You are ready to make peace in your relationship with food and your body 

You are realize diets and restrictive behaviors with food and exercise do not create lasting change

You want to discover your worth beyond a number on the scale or the size of your pants

You are tired of yo-yo dieting or constant weight fluctuations due to your behaviors around food

You have tried other solutions and nothing has worked. You know the issue runs deeper than the food

You are ready to be open and vulnerable about your struggles with food and your body with someone who fully gets it

You are ready to have a healthy relationship with your mind, body and soul

You are ready to experience peace, freedom and love in your life 

You are ready to stop using external band-aids to heal internal issues

You are ready to let go of control and learn how to eat and exercise intuitively and learn how to trust your body

You are ready to look at your fears, limiting beliefs, stories (which may or may not actually be your stories) and identities

You are ready to release perfectionism, people pleasing and avoidance in your relationships with others and yourself

You are ready to learn how to speak your truth confidently 

You are ready to let go of all that you are not, so you can fully step into who you are at your core

You are ready to take personal responsibility and look at all your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions, identities, fears and stories that have contributed to your issues with food and your body

You are ready to feel your emotions to heal 

You are ready to look at your pain and darkness, in order to access your full potential for lightness and joy

This journey is not for you if… 

You are looking for a quick fix

You are focused on the external appearances and weight loss (we do not discuss this at all)

You are not ready to take personal responsibility or are looking for someone to fix you (you’re really not broken)!

You want to point fingers and blame others for your struggle with food, your body and loving yourself 

In the Worthiness Warrior Journey, I will help you look underneath the surface issues of food and body problems, because the core issues run much deeper. I will guide you into uncovering all the deep beliefs and identities you hold about yourself, which is no longer your truth. I want to show you how and why you are using the food to numb parts of you that you need to acknowledge, love and heal. This journey is about learning how to love all parts of you, especially the parts that seem unloveable. This journey is about allowing your pain to be your teacher and looking at your triggers as your truth. It’s about self-discovery at the deepest level and learning how to deal with emotions which may have always seemed difficult to handle. This journey is about looking at your sensations of anxiety and sadness and seeing what they are there to teach you, rather than identifying with them. 

If you are ready to get to the real root cause of your issues with food and your body and transform your life, sign up for a discovery call and we can both decide if we’re a good fit to work together! 

What it involves: 

  • Minimum 4 months coaching
  • 60-minute weekly video call
  • Access to me throughout the week with email and FB messenger to which I will respond within 24 hours during the week
  • Tools and Frameworks to help build your emotional intelligence 
  • Weekly personal inquiry work and embodiment practices 
  • A deep self-discovery into who you are and the identities, fears, beliefs, masks and protectors that hold you back in life
  • Creating new beliefs and vision for how you want to show up in your life for yourself and others
  • Healing past wounds from childhood, family relationships, romantic relationships and understanding why you show up as you do in relationships 
  • Journal prompts, meditations and tools to guide you into the process of coming home to your body
  • This is not a quick-fix journey, as the issues you face with food and body are deeply rooted and come from many sources. 
  • Each sessions is individualized based on what is present in the moment and intuitively led. A wide variety of topics will be covered as you are ready for new discovery. The body is on the journey to heal, there is no timeline!

Client Testimonials

“My favorite part of working with Brielle is her spirit. She has a beautiful spirit. She is full of light and love. She is calming. She is positive. She is happy. She is honest and real. I feel like she understood me. She is relatable. I think my most significant breakthrough was learning about my inner child and how my triggers are related to my inner childs’ needs. I learned that my stories were developed in my youth and that as an adult I can change them. I learned that my evolved self can help heal my inner child. I learned to observe and question. I felt understood, validated, safe, supported, connected. I felt her love for coaching and for my progress and willingness to heal my relationship with my body. I felt she was very knowledgeable and focused the sessions on what I needed to work on instead of a general checklist. I felt her truth and growth from her journey. I felt her honesty as she made it known that she is still in the process of working on herself. I felt she was authentic and very relatable.” -Emily

“Brielle always made me feel comfortable and supported. She provided a safe space for me to talk about my emotions and things I was going through. Brielle was always well prepared and led me through a variety of different tools to support and meet my needs. I was able to align with myself on a deeper level than I have ever experienced. Before my sessions I felt out of alignment and lost within myself. My sessions allowed me to tap back into my soul and feel comfortable in my skin again. I feel empowered and no longer fear setting boundaries or speaking my truth. When working with Brielle I always felt connected with myself and with her. She made me feel understood and acknowledged my feelings and emotions. Brielle was able to help me articulate the root of some of my issues. I felt extremely supported and encouraged throughout each session.” -Celeste

“Brielle asked the right questions at the right time. I found the tools she provided me (meditations, journaling exercises) to be super helpful in delving deeper into wounding and revealing held emotions. I was able to make many connections with my inner child and worthiness wound to current suffering and difficulties in my life. I know that to fully experience joy, I need to accept all parts of myself. I felt safe and supported. Brielle has a calm, supportive tone and body language.” -Lauren